About Me

My name is Sam, I'm a mum of two teenage girls and an almost teenage boy and I live near London with my husband and two Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

I am an total bookworm and am very lucky to have my dream job as a library manager. This means I get to be surrounded by books all day and I even get to tell hubby that I'm reading for work :) I'm not sure that he believes me though.

My favourite genre has always been crime fiction but I will read pretty much anything fiction wise as long as it sounds like something I would enjoy. I tend to avoid non-fiction as I prefer to let my imagination run wild and be taken off to new & wonderful places. I love losing myself in a good book and often stay up far too late to finish books. 

I average about 150 books a year and have found that over the last 3 years or so my reading has really increased. I love being able to recommend new books to readers I come into contact with through work & it's wonderful to get the opportunity to read some books before they are released.


  1. Hi Sam,

    I wonder if you would be interested in reviewing my book, 1066 What Fates Impose. It is a historical novel covering the last twenty years of Anglo Saxon England. King Edward has no heir and refuses to name one. The obvious successor is Harold Godwinson, Earl of Wessex. He has powerful friends and and family but also ruthless enemies who will stop at nothing to grab the English crown. There are also two women who love him.

    Would you be interested in reviewing this book?

    If you are I'd be happy to supply you with a copy and naturally you would be free to express your honest opinion. It you think your followers would be interested, I'd be happy to supply a couple of copies for a giveaway.

    Best Wishes

    Glynn Holloway

  2. Hi Sam, do you have an email address I can contact you on? x