Saturday, 12 July 2014

Mythical Maze - Summer Reading Challenge

I am very lucky to be in my dream job. I'm a library manager & a rather large part of my job is around engaging with children & encouraging them to read for both pleasure and learning. Today is one of the biggest days of my work year the launch day of the Summer Reading Challenge delivered by The Reading Agency. 

Each year the challenge has a different theme, last year it was Creepy House and this year it is Mythical Maze and boy have we been having a lot of fun with this year's theme. The artwork this year is amazing with some really fun mythical characters including a mermaid, a unicorn, a yeti and my personal favourite the Minotaur who comes complete with pink fluffy bunny slippers. The aim of the challenge is for children aged 
4-11 years to visit the library 6 times over the summer to borrow a book each time. On each of their 6 visits they get free gifts & rewards, this year we have troll pencil toppers & giant spider erasers as well as stickers, bookmarks, key rings plus they get their medal & certificate when they finish. 

Part of my job has been going into local primary schools to deliver assemblies telling the children about the challenge and I have also been working on recruiting young volunteers aged 14-18 years to help support the delivery of the challenge. 

The other fun part of the Summer Reading Challenge is that I can dress up and be silly, and it is absolutely ok because the kids love it. For example I've been wearing pretty fairy wings and it's totally ok. And I've even been wearing an Ariel wig and guess what that's ok as well.

So why am I sharing this on my blog I hear you ask? Well it is all about books & reading so it fits but I am also going to challenge myself over the summer to read 6 children's & young adult books over the Summer months. My 6 books are:

1. The Sword of Kuromori by Jason Rohan 

This is written by a local author. It is his debut book & features Japanese myths & legends

2. Dragon Frontier by Dan Abnett

Dragons and the Wild West what more could you want. This was one of the books short listed at the Hillingdon Primary School Book of the Year. The winning presentation from a local school was on this book and the kids were so enthusiastic about it I have to give it a go

3. Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban by J K Rowling 

A great opportunity for me to read the 3rd Harry Potter

4. Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan 

Loved the first book in this series & it ties in perfectly with the mythical theme

5. American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Ok it not a kids or young adult book but it's about mythology so it works and I've been meaning to finish it for a long time

6. Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Yes, yes I know this is an adult one too but it's the next one I have to read in the Dark-Hunter series & it fits

So basically I'm reading 6 books that have mythical creatures in them or are connected to myths and legends in some way. Anyone want to join me?

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