Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Guest Post: My Top 5 Fictional Lawyers by Carys Jones

As part of my blog tour for First to Fall I’ve been asked to come up with my top 5 fictional lawyers.

The story of First to Fall centres around young lawyer Aiden Connelly. But he’s not the first fictional lawyer to have his own story…

  • ·     She’s fictional just not in a literary sense but for me the ultimate lawyer, and only person I’d ever want to represent me is Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. If you’ve not seen the movie drop everything you’re doing and watch it immediately as it is just awesome! Elle pushes against type to attend law school even though people view her as vacuous and girly. But Elle shows us that you can maintain your femininity and girliness whilst having a shrewd mind. She is an inspiration to blondes and women everywhere! And who can forget the bend-and-snap! A move I’ve employed myself on more than one occasion…

  • ·       Keeping fictional but still beyond books the second lawyer on my list is another independent lady. Miranda Hobbs from the Sex and the City television show. She’s ambitious and driven but always there for her friends when they need her.

  • ·       Next on my list is the character of Sandy Cohen from The O.C who went above and beyond for young client Ryan when he invites the wayward youth in to his home. Sandy always acted with noble intent and for the greater good and offers Ryan a chance at a life he would have otherwise never had access to.

  • ·       This lawyer is from originally from Broadway rather than TV. Billy Flynn from the musical Chicago is charismatic but doesn’t have his client’s best interests at heart. But you can forgive his faults because he’s just so darn suave and keen to belt out a musical number or two!

  • ·      My final fictional lawyer is Barry Zuckerkorn from  the TV show Arrested Development. He’s never actually much use but his bumbling attempts to assist the Bluth family are always endearingly hilarious!

So there you have it, my top 5 fictional lawyers! Who would make your list and why? 

First To Fall is published by Carina and is out Thursday 28th August. It is available on pre-order from Amazon

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