Saturday, 23 August 2014

Series Spotlight #2 - Robyn Carr's Thunder Point series

Robyn Carr's Thunder Point series is a fairly new find for me, as is the author herself. I discovered the first book in the series in June, 2013 when I requested and was approved for The Wanderer on Netgalley.

I love the ocean so this cover was one that grabbed me from the start so I requested it on whim not knowing what to expect. What I found was a book that was full of the charm of a small town, engaging characters, great storylines and left me with a need to visit Oregon. I breezed my way through the first book eager for more and I have been lucky enough to be approved for the rest of the Thunder Point series on Netgalley.

Each book in the series centres around a different couple living in Thunder Point. Often one half of the couple is an existing resident with the other half being a new person to town or someone returning to Thunder Point after a long time away. Each couple faces challenges and has their share of ups & downs, always coming through to the other side. Each book also has it side stories touching on different characters living in Thunder Point.

These books really are just like coming home to old friends with each new one that Robyn Carr writes. It's like sitting down to watch your favourite soap opera, you feel for the characters and you want everything to work out for them.

I have just finished book 6 in the series The Homecoming and this one didn't disappoint either. In fact the male protagonist in the book, Seth is probably my favourite out of all of Robyn's leading males. Sorry Coop!

So happy to see that book 7 in the series, The Wish is slated to be released in 2015. Until then I will be planning my 2016 US road trip on which I intend to visit Orgeon & see some of the beautiful coastline that Robyn so wonderfully describes.

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