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Review: Mexican Kimono by Billie Jones

***** 5 Stars

As soon as I saw the cover of this book I knew it was a book I wanted to read regardless of what it was about. It has one of those covers that just reaches out and grabs you. Oh & the main character has a really cool name, Samantha. No reason not to want to read it :).Thankfully I have been lucky enough to be included as part of Billie Jones blog tour to promote the book which was released on the 4th September.

I admit that I did not have a clue what to expect from the book having read nothing by the author previously but the beautiful cover totally lived up to what was written inside.

The Blurb

Samantha knows what she wants from life – and she’s got it!

1.A loving family. OK, her Mum’s plan to marry her off to the world’s most metrosexual man might not be ideal… but it’s only because she cares!

2.A great job. Or at least: a job that leaves plenty of time to update Twitter and shop for designer bargains online…

3.A credit card, with a very generous limit. So generous that she’s just spent over $10,000 on an antique kimono…

But suddenly Samantha’s charmed life starts to fall apart! From a hair-related fire to losing her job, Sam’s facing bad karma – and it all started when she bought that kimono…

Sure, it’s ridiculous. How could a piece of silk ever bring bad luck? But it can! Because, whether Samantha likes it or not, someone wants to teach her a lesson: it’s what’s inside that counts.

My Thoughts

We first meet our heroine Sam, on her way home from work when she passes an auction house and is immediately drawn inside. She is mesmerised by an antique kimono that is being auctioned and is pulled into the bidding, winning the kimono for over $10,000. That's what credit cards are for after all- free money!

The kimono is beautiful and Sam is captivated, I mean who doesn't need an antique kimono right! Unfortunately for Sam the purchase of the kimono starts a run of some very bad luck all with hilarious consequences.

Sam, has lived a rather priviliged life- she's young, she is beautiful, she has a wonderful job. Everybody loves her or do they? Unfortunately Sam lives her life by a series of unwritten rules that only she knows and abides by. These rules in turn lead some acquaintances/friends to feel rather differently about Sam than she actually thinks they do. She also has a little habit of thinking that every man is attracted to her- why wouldn't they be. She is beautiful right! Some very hilarious moments in the book come with the internal conversations that Sam has in her head between herself & her many suitors, conversations that she actually believes are real some of the time.

As the book progresses we learn more & more about Sam's upbringing, the men in her life and little by little her secrets are revealed. It becomes very apparent that someone has put a curse on Sam, but who is that someone because after all everyone loves her. So she begins a mission to try to find out who is messing with her.

This is one of those books that you just can't put down. It is hilarious from start to finish with the morale being don't just look at the outside it is what's on the inside that counts. I've been trying really hard to think of a way to sum up Sam, she is probably part Stephanie Plum from the Janet Evanovich novels, with a little bit of Elle Woods thrown in from Legally Blonde, although probably not quite as intelligent, add a dash of Phoebe from Friends and I think you are pretty close.

She is a character that you should hate because she is self centred & selfish most of the time, believes herself to be far superior to anyone else and is basically living in a world that she feels should revolve around her. However it is very difficult to hate her as she has a naivity about her, a child-like quality & charm that you can't help but like. She really is a walking disaster and things become even more messy for her when not one but two men from her past come back into her life to confess their dying love for her.

I finished this book in pretty much one sitting, eager to learn who cursed Sam? Which man she ends up with? Would she learn the error of her ways? Would she finally succumb to her mother's mumbo jumbo? The only way you are going to find out is by reading the book, a perfect read for the Autumnal evenings that are setting in. Enjoy!

About The Author

Billie Jones is a writer from Australia who enjoys imaging herself wrestling killer crocodiles and swimming with great white sharks. She thinks she may have to attempt base jumping so she can write about it and Bungee is on the list too.

You can find her either in front of her computer writing about her fictional adventures or at the beach searching for the next perfect wave.

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