Saturday, 14 February 2015

Do Judge A Book By It's Cover - Week 3

Love is in the air........ Or not as it seems with me reading so much crime. I just don't seem to be drawn to many books that have pink covers.

I've trawled my read shelf & my TBR shelf looking for a pink cover for Gill at The Book Magpie's new meme but it's hard. The covers that are really pink are just bleurgh & would never have made me pick the book up in a bookshop or library. I've ended up with lots of covers that have pink elements on & actually some of those are incredibly beautiful so I am going to have to cheat just a little & pick one of those. 

So my pick for book with a pinkish cover is 

The Perfect Lie by Emily Barr    

I love, love this cover. In fact all of Emily Barr's books always have covers that make you want to pick them up & hug them.

What I love most about this cover is the way that the pink elements pop against the blue back drop of Venice. It makes for a really eye catching cover. And hey the book is set in Venice. Is there a more romantic destination?

If you've not read The Perfect Lie or indeed any others by Emily Barr then I highly recommend them. All of Emily's books are wonderful cross between a  little bit of chick-lit & romance with a lot of suspense & mystery thrown in. 


  1. good choice Sam and thanks for joining in
    Gill x

  2. That is a pretty cover! I've read a couple of Emily Barr's books, but not for a long time. Not read this one though!