Saturday, 21 February 2015

Do Judge A Book By It's Cover - Week 4

So this week's theme for Do Judge A Book By It's Cover meme set up by Gill over at The Book Magpie is free choice.

Hmmm! Now giving someone who is totally addicted to book covers a free choice makes it even harder than when there is a theme. How on earth do I choose just one? Every month there is going to a free choice week so I need to start thinking about how I pick my free choice book covers. 

For this free choice I have decided to take a look at what has been/is being published in February & I've picked the cover that has most caught my eye. It is also the book I'm currently reading so here is my pick for week 4

Summer At Little Beach Street Bakeryby Jenny Colgan

And what do I love most about this cover? It's Neil of course. I fell in love with Neil the puffin in Little Beach Street Bakery so it makes me very happy to see that he has pride of place on this cover. And for those of you who have read book one Neil is just as loveable & adorable as he was in book one.

I also like the use of muted colours, it is a total contrast to the bright colours on the cover of the first book. Jenny's books all have very distinctive covers & this one certainly grabs my attention & make me want to take a look inside.

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  1. nice choice, glad i'm making you work hard for this ;-D
    thanks for playing
    Gill x