Sunday, 15 March 2015

Between The Cracks - Week 3

Between The Cracks is a new blog meme started by Shaz over at Jera's Jamboree.The idea is that each week you post about a book that has been on your TBR for too long & therefor fallen Between The Cracks. Find out more about the meme here.

This week given as it is Mother's Day I took a look at my TBR to see if I had any books with the word mother in the title & I was surprised to see that I had quite a few. 

The one that really stood out for me though was The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman. This one has only been on my TBR list since last June when I arranged for Rowan along with Jenny Colgan, Alex Marwood & Lisa Jewell to be part of a panel event for an event at work.

Rowan was such a warm & engaging speaker that I immediately added every book she has ever written to my TBR shelf. I've managed to read 2 or 3 of her books with The Memory Book being one of my top reads in 2014.

About The Book

What do you do when you are a child' s last hope? 
From bestselling author Rowan Coleman comes a deeply touching tale of a fast-track career woman whose life takes a sharp right turn when motherhood unexpectedly lands in her lap.

Sophie and Carrie were childhood best friends, but in the last few years they've lost touch. While Carrie chose motherhood in a small town, Sophie is powering up the London career track. She's a corporate manager poised for her next promotion. Sure, she doesn't have much time for men, but she has a great shoe collection and a cat who's never going to let her down.

And then Sophie is told that Carrie has died, with nobody left to care for her two daughters, Bella and Izzy, aged six and three. Their father, who left before Carrie's death, is nowhere to be found; their grandmother is moving into assisted living. Sophie once promised Carrie she would take care of her children if the worst ever happened...and now that day has come.

Witty, wise, and filled with genuinely powerful emotion, The Accidental Mother is the heartwarming, heartbreaking story of a woman who is woefully under-equipped to be suddenly thrown into motherhood, but who through the eyes of two little girls learns more about loss, commitment, and true love than she had ever realized existed.

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  1. Great choice Sam! The Accidental Mother sounds like a very emotional read.

    I must admit I have Rowan's The Memory Book on my Kindle.

    I haven't met her but she always comes across as genuine and warm on social media.

    Thanks for joining in this week.