Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Fault In Our Stars- Movie meets book!

I read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green back in September last year and found it an emotional rollercoaster of a read. I read it pretty much in one sitting & remember desperately trying not to disturb my husband at 2am when I was nearing the end of the book & tears were rolling down my face. 
At the time I didn't review the book just gave it a 5 star rating & left it at that. I simply couldn't form the words to write a review. I couldn't decide what to write. The book really tugged on my heart strings from the point of view of me being a mother of an 18 year old girl and from the point of view of that first big love and how you move on from it. The book stayed with me & I have been recommending it to anyone that will listen. As soon as I finished it I quickly grabbed myself a copy of Looking For Alaska by the same author and devoured that in one sitting as well. There is something about John Green's writing that just draws you in & I'm yet to put my finger on it. 
So on Thursday my eldest daughter turned 19 & whilst out shopping I said 'Let's go see The Fault In Our Stars'. She'd started reading the book but never  managed to finish it because she found it too emotional. That fact should have warned me taking her to see the film was not the best idea for a birthday treat. Throughout the film she kept pointing out to me this older lady who was on her own & was constantly crying into a tissue and then all of a sudden it was my daughter crying but hers weren't quiet cries, they were great heaving sobs and she was shaking. What a way to spend your birthday. 
But seriously we both loved the film & I was so pleased that it followed the book. I'm always nervous when seeing a film based on a book I've read & enjoyed as they never quite live up to my expectations but thankfully this wasn't the case with TFIOS. The casting was great,I loved the chemistry between Hazel & Gus. I'm so excited to see that Looking For Alaska is being made into a film as well and hope the end result is as good as TFIOS.  
I'd highly recommend the film to anyone who doesn't mind showing a bit of emotion in a public place. Seriously go watch it, just take plenty of tissues. 
I also came away from the film with 2 new books to read. The trailers at the beginning of TFIOS showed The Maze Runner based on the book by James Dashner & If I Stay based on the book by Gayle Forman. Both looked great & I have added them to my virtual teetering to read pile on GoodReads

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