Thursday, 26 February 2015

Review: Summer At Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

Summer At Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan
(Little Beach Street Bakery #2)

Publication: 26th February 2015
Genre: Romance, Women's Fiction
Stars:4 ****

The Blurb

Summer has arrived in the Cornish town of Mount Polbearne and Polly Waterford couldn't be happier. Because Polly is in love: she's in love with the beautiful seaside town she calls home, she's in love with running the bakery on Beach Street, and she's in love with her boyfriend, Huckle.

And yet there's something unsettling about the gentle summer breeze that's floating through town. Selina, recently widowed, hopes that moving to Mount Polbearne will ease her grief, but Polly has a secret that could destroy her friend's fragile recovery. Responsibilities that Huckle thought he'd left behind are back and Polly finds it hard to cope with his increasingly long periods of absence.

Polly sifts flour, kneads dough and bakes bread, but nothing can calm the storm she knows is coming: is Polly about to lose everything she loves?

My Thoughts

I was so excited to get approved for an ARC of Summer At The Little Beach Street Bakery by Little Brown on Netgalley as I fell in love with the characters & Mount Polbearne in the first book. It was so great to be back on Mount Polbearne with it's wonderful characters and of course Neil the puffin.

The story opens very differently from the first book, Polly is finally settled & happy, her business is going well, she's now living in the lighthouse she bought and she is in love with Huckle. Everything is going so well but then suddenly it isn't & Polly's life begins to unravel again putting her almost back at square one. Throw in yet another powerful storm that rocks the island & brings the memory of the storm that took one of the islanders a year ago & you have one heck of a story.

It was a joy to be back on the island, to see how Polly's relationship has blossomed with Huckle and how she has embedded herself right into the heart of the community. All of the islands inhabitants are back & help add lots of character & charm to the book. There are the characters you can't help but love which include Jayden, Flora & Kerensa & then there are characters like Polly's new boss, Malcolm that you can't help but despise.

Polly is back in Summer At Little Beach Street Bakery with her fighting spirit and her determination to do what is right for the island. The book was full of Jenny's usual humour and wonderful dialogue & whilst the island still had all it's idyllic charm it just wasn't quite as engaging as the first book which is why it only has the 4 stars instead of 5.

And Jenny if you are reading this I would really love to see a book set out in Savannah with Huck's family farm taking centre stage. I would love to see more of his brother Dubose & Clemmie.

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